Friday, January 4, 2013

A new year of ice fishing on Lake of the Woods!

Hey there Lake of the Woods Fishing Report readers and Flag Islanders! What a year 2012 was. We are bringing in the new year with the shacks on the ice in the Northwest Angle!

The 2013 ice fishing season has begun. Whether you enjoy targeting single species of fish or are a multi-species type of guy or gal - the fish are always biting somewhere. One just can not beat a good time on the ice with family and friends.

What to expect on your Lake of the Woods ice fishing journey?
Flag Island Resort manager and veteran fishing guide Dan Schmidt has spent hundreds of thousands of hours on the ice - literally. If you know him, you know his work ethic. With that being said, he is pretty dialed in as to what is going on under the cold stuff and is always out to discover and learn more with every trip. You can expect a safe, fun, and educated fishing outing on the big pond we call our home away from home, Dan and his lovely girlfriend Ki's front yard.

Where are the fish in the Northwest Angle? We will share!
Is there such a thing as a secret honey hole anymore? Of course there is! Fortunately, Lake of the Woods is full of them.

We are having current success fishing for Crappie in 22 to 34 feet of water in and around the deep basins and larger, east facing bays.

Big Walleye are being caught in 20 to 32 feet of water over a mud bottom.

Pike along with Whitefish are being targeted in Shoal Lake in 50 to 60 feet of water around rock reefs with florescent colors being the best, most consistent producer for all species.

As basic as it gets, live bait provides you with a great search option before experimenting with the various assortment of artificial's available.We are catching the majority of our fish on jigging spoons and frosties tipped with a minnow. Although we enjoy taking the extra steps necessary in our presentation to produce quality results and find out what works and what does not - its tough to stray from the old standbys.

We hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season. Thank you for visiting our fishing report blog. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our resort on lake of the woods at for contact information. In between fishing reports, we will do our best to provide you with short articles that include tackle and ways to help you have a more successful fishing trip in the Northwest Angle.

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